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Monthly Luncheon

Our official Monthly Luncheon is held on 4th Wednesday of each month in one of the restaurants around the city. Usually a guest speaker will be invited to grace our luncheon a topical speech. 

Regular Outdoor Activities


Our Regular Outdoor Activities include excursions to places in and around Hamburg, Historical Walks, guided visits to Art Museums and Exhibitions and Ladies' Night Out. 


Regular Indoor Activities

International Cooking Classes, Cultural Events and Neighborhood Coffees.


Sports Group

We have Badminton, Tennis and Zumba groups at the moment. 

Ongoing Activities

  • Book Group

  • Bridge

  • Choir 

  • Conversation groups:

    • English

    • French

    • German

    • Spanish

    • Japanese

  • Cultural Music group

  • Mahjong and Japanese Mahjong

  • Meditation

  • Movie group

Plus different Special Activities,

Events, Holiday Trips and more

On some occasions partners and guests are most welcome to attend.


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