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Since 1991

Our Club was founded in 1991. We are a registered association in Hamburg. Our Board consists of 7 voluntary members, with a two year term. Our Annual General Meeting is held in April each year. 


 Celebration of our 25th Anniversary in 2016 


The purpose of our Club is to promote social and cultural exchange between women of all nationalities under the spirit of mutual friendship and understanding.

We have over 200 members from around 50 nations. Not surprisingly, since we are in Germany, German citizens make up our largest membership group of 20% (the maximum any one nationality can have).


Our members are non-working and working women, some of whom have lived here long-term and others are in Hamburg on a short-term basis.


The working language of the Club is English.


IWC of Hamburg is affiliated with Welcome Clubs International (WCI)

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