who we are


Purpose / Mission

The purpose of the Club is to promote social and cultural exchange between women of all nationalities under the spirit of mutual friendship and understanding and to further such aims through meetings and other activities. All activities must be in conformity with its purpose and must be non-religious, non-political and non-profit.


Facts and Figures

    • Established in 1991


    • Over 240 members, representing 50 different countries. Not surprising, since we are in Germany, German citizens make up our largest population at 20% (the maximum any one nationality can have), followed by Americans.


    • Countries currently represented are:

      Germany South Africa Brazil Argentina Mexico
      USA Denmark Canada Australia Namibia
      UK Austria Greece Chile Nicaragua
      Finland Switzerland Norway Columbia Peru
      Iran China El Salvador Egypt Poland
      Indonesia Ecuador Singapore Guatemala Russia
      India Philippines Spain Hungary Thailand
      Japan France Syria Ireland Turkey
      Sweden Malaysia Taiwan Italy Uganda
      The Netherlands Portugual Venezuela Jordan Uruguay
      Malawi Ethiopia      


    • Our membership population is a mixture of:
      • „long termers“, many married to Germans; and short-termers, here because of temporary job postings for their own or husband’s work
      • students, new moms, newlyweds, professional women, stay-at-home moms, singles, homemakers, „empty nesters“, retirees, artists, entrepreneurs, employees, managers, freelancers, etc.


    • The working language of the club is English.




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